Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

336 PARADISE LOST. Pomo XII, A fon, and of his fon, a grand-child leaves ; Like him in faith, in wifdom, and renown. The grand-child with twelve Ions increas'd, departs From Canaan, to a land hereafter call'd 156 'Egypt, divided by the River Nile See where it flows, difgorging at feven mouths Into the lea! To fojourn in that land He comes, invited by a younger fon 16o In time of dearth ; a fon, whole worthy deeds Raife him to be the fecond in that realm Of Pharaoh : there he dies, and leaves his race Growing into a nation : and now grown, Sufptaed to a fequent King, who leeks 16s To lop their over-growth, as in-mate guefts Too numerous : whence of gueas he makes them flavcs Inholpitably ; and kills their infant males : Till by two brethren (thole two brethren call Moles, and Aaron) lent from God to claim 170 Us people from inthrallment, they return With glory, and fpoil, back to their promis'd land. But firLt the lawlefs tyrant, (who denies To know their God, or meffage to regard) Mull be compell'd by figns and judgments dire : 175 To blood unfhed, the rivers mutt be turn'd; Frogs, lice, and flies, mull all his palace fill With loath'd intrufion, and fill all the land : His cattle mull of rot, and murrain die ; Botches, and blains mull all his flefh imbols, 180 And all his people : thunder mix'd with hail, Hail mix'd with fire, mutt rend th' !Egyptian fky, And wheel on th' earth, devouring where it rolls : What it devours not, herb, or fruit, or grain, A darkfome cloud of locuils fwarming down 185 Mutt eat, and on the ground leave nothing green : Darknefs mull overfhadow all his bounds, Palpable