Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

Book XII. PARADISE LOST; Palpable darknefs I and blot out three days : Laft, with one midnight-firoke, all the firft-born Of !Egypt mull lye dead, Thus with ten wounds The river-dragon tam'd at length, fubrnits 191 To let his fojournors depart ; and oft Humbles his (lubborn heart ; but Hill as ice More harden'd after thaw : till in his rage Purfuing whom he late difmifs'd, the lea 195 Swallows himwith his holt ; but them lets pats (As on dry land) between two chryflal walls ; Aw'd by the rod of Moles fo to Eland Divided, till his Refcu'd gain their fltore Such wondrous pow'r God to His Saint will lend, 200 Though prefent in His Angel I who mall go Before them in a cloud, and pillar of fire By day a cloud, by night a pillar of fire ; To guide them in their journey, and remove Behind them, while th' obdurate King purfues. 205 All night he will purfue ; but his approach Darknefs defends between, till morning watch ; Then through the fiery pillar, and the cloud, God looking forth will trouble all his holt, And craze their chariot-wheels : when, by command, Moles once more his potent rod extends 211 Over the lea ; the lea his rod obeys On their imbattel'd ranks the waves return, And overwhelm their war ! The race elect, Safe towards Canaan from the (Imre advance 215 Through the wild Defert ; not the readieft way ; Left entringon the Canaanite alarm'd, War terrify them in-expert, and fear Return them back to 'Egypt, chufing rather Inglorious life with fervitude : (for life, 220 To noble and ignoble, is more fwect Untrain'd in arms, where ra(hnefs leads not on.) Y y This 337