Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

338 PAItADISE LOST. Boole XII. This alto (hall they gain by their delay In the wide wildernefs ; there they (hall found Their government, and their great fenate chufe 225 Thro' the Twelve Tribes, to rule by laws ordain'd. God from the Mount of Sinai, (whnfe gray top Shall tremble, He defcending,) will Himfelf In thunder, lightning, and loud trumpets found Ordain them laws part, fuch as appertain 230 To civil juftice ; part, religious rites Of facrifice ; informing them by types, And fhadows, of that dettin'd feed to bruife The ferpent; by what means he (hall atchieve Mankind's deliverance. But the v, ice of God 235 To mortal ear is dreadful ! They befeech That Morfes might report to them His Will, And terror ceafe : He grants what they befought ; Inftruded that to God is no accefs Without Mediator, whofe high office now 240 Mofes in figure bears ; to introduce One Greater, of whole day he (hall foretel, And all the prophets in their age the times Of Great Meffiah than fing. Thus laws and rites EtIablifh'd, fuch delight hath God in men Obedient to His Will, that He vouchfafes Among them to fet up His Tabernacle ; The Holy One with mortal men to dwell. By His prefcript a fan6tuary is fram'd Of cedar, overlaid with gold ; therein An Ark, and in the Ark His Teflimony, The records of His Cov'naet : over thele A mercy-feat of gold, between the wings Of two bright Cherubim before Him burn Seven lamps, as in a zodiac representing 255 The heav'nly'fites : over the tent a cloud Shall reft by day, a fiery gleam by night ; Save 245 250