Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

340 PARADISE LOST. Booze X11. (Save by thole fhadowy expiations weak, The blood of bulls and goats) they may conclude Some blood more precious mull be paid for man ; Jult for unjuft : that in fuch righreoufnefs To them by faith imputed, they may find 293 juftification towards God, and peace Of confcience ; which the law by ceremonies Cannot appeafe ; nor man the Moral part Perform; and not performing, cannot live. So law appears hnperfeCt ; and but giv'n 3 With purpofe to reign them, in full time, Up to a better cov'nant ; difciplin'd From fhadowy types to truth ; from flefh to fpirit ; From impofition of firia laws, to free Acceptance of large grace; from fervile fear 305 To filial ; works of law, to works of faith. And therefore (hall not Mores ( though of God Highly belov'd,) being but the Minifter Of Law, His people into Canaan lead ; But Jofhua : (whom the Gentiles Jefus call ; 310 His name and office bearing, who (hall quell The adverlary ferpent ; and bring back Through the world's wildernefs. long-wander'd man, Safe to Eternal Paradife of ref},) Mean while they, in their earthly Canaan plac'd, 315 Long time (hall dwell and profper : but when fins National interrupt their public peace ; Provoking God to raife them enemies ; From whom as oft He laves them penitent ; By Judges firft, then under Kings : of whom 320 The fecond, (both for piety renown'd, And puiffant deeds) a promife (hall receive Irrevocable, that his regal throne For ever Chill indure : the like (hall fang All prophecy, that of the royal flock 325 Of