Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

BOOK XII. PARADISE LOST. Of David (fo I name this King) (hall rife A Son, the woman's feed to thee foretold ; Foretold to Abraham ; as in whom dial' truft All nations ; and to Kings foretold, of Kings The latl ; for of his \reign (hall be no end. 330 But firft a long fucceffion muff enfue : And his next fon, for wealth and wifdom fam'd, The clouded Ark of God, till then in tents Wand'ring, (hall in a glorious temple infhrine. Such follow him, as (hall be regifter'd 335 Part good, part bad ; of bad the longer fcrowl : Whole foul idolatries, and other faults Heap'd to the popular fury), will fo incenfe God, as to leave them, and expofe their land, Their city, his temple, and his holy Ark, 340 With all his facred things, a fcorn and prey To that proud city, 'Whole high walls thou faw'ft Left in confufion ; Babylon thence cali'd. There in captivity he lets them dwell The fpace of feventy years : then brings them back ; Remembring mercy, and his cov'nant (-worn 346 To David, flablifh'd as the days of heav'n. Return'd from Babylon, by leave of Kings Their Lords, whom God difpos'd, the Houle of God They firft re-edify : and for a while In mean eflate live moderate : till grown 350 In wealth and multitude, factious they grow. But &it, among the priefls diffention fprings ; Men who attend the altar, and fhould moll Endeavour peace : their ftrife pollution brings 355 Upon the Temple it fell: at laft they fetle The fceptre, and regard not David's Ions : Then lofe it to a ftranger, that the true Anointed King Methah might be born Barr'd of his right : yet at his birth a liar, 360 Unfeen 344