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IND E X. Book Line Ifraelites, the ftory of their bondage, and deliverance from 1 xii. 163 Egypt, related Of the fettlement of their civil and facred ceconomy inj - xir. 223 the wildernefs Eflablifhment in Canaan xii. 26o Reafon, ufe, &c. of their ritual laws xii. 280 Government by Judges and Kings xii. 315 Captivity in Babylon xii. 335 Return from thence, after diffenfions, &c. to the birth from 345 xii. of the Meffiah, &c. to 359 Ifis (a fall'n Angel) i. 478 Ithuriel (a guardian Angel of Paradife) iv. 788 Dete&s Satan's fira attempt on Eve there iv. Sio K Knowledge of good and evil, the tree of it, how fituated Defcribed Forbidden to Adam Satan's encomium of it Eve's Knowledge (or opinion) the refult of reafon and fancy Without reftraint, folly {iv. 220 ix. 6z6 ix. 575 { viiviii. 542 323 ix. 679 iix. 795 ix. 863 v. too 1 vii. 126 viii. t88 xii. 56o Of things neceffary, wifdom viii. 192 Knowledge of future events, the defire of it reprehended xi. 770 Its fum, the love, fear, &c. of God xii. In animal creatures afrerted viii. 557 369 Vide Similes. L Lethe, a river of hell defcrib'd Medufa the guard of it Leviathan defcrib'd Liberty, with the lots of it, virtue, &c, degenerates Adam's fall, the firft caufe of it Liberty, the fame with reafon Life, the tree of it defcrib'd Where fituated Life, long, by temperance The great rule of it refpeding itfelf D d d ii. 582 ii. 610 1. 201 xi. 797 xii. 8z xii. 83 iv. 218 ix. 69 Xl. 530 xi. 553 Light,