Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

I N D E X . Book Line Light, hymn to it iii. 1 The firft day's creation, defcrib'd vii. 243 Lightning how produced x. 1073 Limbo, or fools Paradife, where iii. 495 Lion, a beaft of prey, an effect of Adam's fall xi. 187 Love conjugal, its praifes iv. 750 Diftinguifh'd from that of an amour viii. 763 Love confifts in reafon, not paflion Defin'd viii. 589 In fpirits celeftial, the expreffion of it what, and how viii. 62o Smiles, the food of love ix. 239 Founded in reafon, one end of human life ix. 241 Lucifer, Satan why fo call'd X. 425 Vide Satan. Luft carnal, the effect of Adam's, &c. fall The folace of it M 1011 1042 Mammon (a fall'n Angel) i. 678 His fpeech in the council call'd by Satan after their fall ii. 229 Man fall'n the objeCt of grace, why iii. ii . 15 9380 His long refiftance of it alone exclufive Redemption propos'd by God the Father iii. 203 Undertaken by God the Son i 227 The Son's merits alone imputative to him, towards it, how ii ii. 290 S Man created to repair the lofs of the fall'n Angels iii. 667 ix. 143 His creation (part of the fixth day's) defcrib'd vi 524 Dominion over the reft vii. 520ii 567 Love to woman, how confiftent with his fuperiority vii . The whole creation in little ix. 109 Angels, his guardians ix. 154. His fuperiority over the woman given him by God 1 x. 145 195 Purfuing his appetites, disfigures not God's image, but xi. 515 his own conformity to the divine will, the true end of his creation xi. 603 Abfolute dominion over his brethren (men) an ufur- xii. 64 ration Given him by God only over the creatures xii. 67 Matches conjugal, the modern cenfur'cl RefpeEting the woman particularly xi i. 888 i . IVIediala, the guard of Lethe V ii. 6 to Mercy, God's firft and laft attribute 11 MeEjah pTomife4 X. 132 Mefliah