Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

N D E X. 1 x. 182 Book Line Melliah, the promife explain'd .1 xii. 386 His birth, &c. and kingdom defcrib'd xii. 359 Why called the feed of the woman xii. 376 Life and paflion xii. 358 Refurredion, and million of the Apofiles xii. 420 Afcenfion, &c. xii. 451 Coming to judgment, &c. } xii. 458 54-3 Michael (the Arch-Angel) appointed one of the chiefs of i the celeflial army a7ainft the revolted Angels vi. 44. His prowefF, &c. in the batted vi. 250 Speech to Satan encountring him vi. 262 The combat defcrib'd vi. 296 Wounds Satan vi. 32o The revolters defeated, incamps on th-field of battel vi. 410 Prepares to expel Adam, &c. from Paraife xi. 126 His appearance, &c. there defcribed xi. 238 Speech to Adam thereon xi. 251 Reply to Eve lamenting the threatned expulfion xi. 286 To Adam on the fame fubje& xi. 334. Difcovers to him (in vifion) what should happen to the from 423 time of the Flood xi. to 867 The Rory of Cain and Abel xi. 429 Death, with its caufes and variety xi. 466 The Rate of the antidiluvian world (in common) xi. 556 The Rate of it (civil, or in propriety) xi. 638 The Rory of Enoch xi. 664. Of Noah 00 The flood xi. 7 xi. 38 God's covenant tq defiroy the world no more by water xi. 7 890 Difcovers to him (relatively) what should happen from the flood to the general refurredion from 6 xii. The patriarchal government xii. 1 to 55t 3 Nimrod's tyranny The building and confufion, at Babel xii. ii8 The Flory of Cham . 3 Of Abraham, and the Patriarchs xii. 3 Of the If-radices xii. , i bondage in Egypt, and deliverance thence t 163 Of the fettlement of their civil, and facred ceconomy in } the wildernefs, and eflabliihment in Canaan xii. 223 Of their various ritual laws, their reafon, ufe, &c. xii. 280 Of their government by Judges and Kings xii. 315 Of their captivity in Babylon xii. 335 Michael