Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

INDEX. nook Line Satan, his tempting Eve-alluded to the story of Ophion } 578 and Eurynome Serpent, that enter'd by Satan-to thofe Hermione and } Cadmus were transtorm'd to x 504 -To that affurn'd by ./Elculapius ix. 5o6 -To thofe by Jupiter Ammon and Capitolinus ix. soS His motion, wreathings, &c. ----to the working of a chip 1 513 in fhifting winds, &c. His creft (preceding Eve to the forbidden tree) --. to an } 634 exhalation flaming (Will i'th'wifp) His Ldirefs introducing the temptation--to that of an 1 67o orator of the Athenian or Roman Commonwealths Sin, her middle parts-to the (fuppoa'd) Dogs of Scylla ii. 65y -Of the night-hag ii. 66z Spears-to eats of corn ripe for reaping iv. 980 Stars, their orbg-to the Hefperian gardens, &c. iii. 568 Sun, his courfe turn'd at Adam's, &c. eating the forbidden I fruit-as at the banquet of Thyefies x. US Uriel, his defcent from the fun on Paradife---to a fhooting } . liar iv. 555 Waters their flux into teas, &c. on the creation-to drops) vii. 290 --- To armies forming themfelves on found of trumpet vii. 294 Sin and Death Vide Death and Sin. Sin defcrih'd ii. 65o Her fpeech to Satan, and Death, at Hell-gates ii. 727 Reply to Satan ii. 747 Her birth Reply to his anfwer ii. 7 85o Opens hell-gates to him ii. 871 Speech to Death on Adam's fall x. 235 To Satan, (meeting him returning to hell,) on her and Death's journey to the world after it J x. 354 To Death on their arrival at Paradife x. 591 Reply to Death's anfwer x. 6oz Vide Similes. Sin original, lull carnal the firft effe& of it Its folace Slavery, original of it the inordinancy of the Paflions The juftice of it, as confequential on deviating from virtue, &c. Soul, its faculties Its immortality difcufs'd ix. lot t ix. 104z xii. 86 xii. 97 V. 100 X. 782 Spirits,