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100 ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. in the intention ; murder as criminal as that which brings its vulgar perpetrator on the highway to his ignominious ca- tastrophe. There is not, perhaps, a more hopeless crime than the last act of the duellist : he seeks out his own execu- tioner, precipitates himself uncalled into the presence of his Judge, and not only the, last desire of his heart, but the last effort of his hand, is revenge.. Lay hold, then, on this high-minded feeling,. and endeavour to direct it into a purer channel. Lead his aspiring mind to higher objects. Let the hope of the favour, and the dread of the dis pleasure of God, expel from his heart a too eager desire to court the applause, or escape the censure of irreligious men, by acts which, while they would offend his Maker, would destroy his own soul. Let him learn to distinguish between the swellings of human arrogance, and the consciousness of Christian dignity. Worldly maxims of honour are tumid, but they are not great.