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102 ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. servatives fromvulgar vice; though, since it is human, it can go but certain lengths as to moral benefit ; and we have wit- nessed many deplorable instances of its failure, in minds of the highest literary attainments, for want of being under the direction of a superior principle. It is, however, a most valuable auxiliary, not only in improving the intellect and refining the taste, but, as we have already observed, in rescuing so much leisure from inferior pursuits. But learning, be it repeated, though it invigorates the mind, will not reform it. It is a shining ornament, but not of the nature of a corrective. Moral evil is not cured, is not regulated - nay, it might even be inflamed by it, where in- tellectual, science is made its own end, and not considered subservient to a higher. Learning will strongly teach him to degpise what is worthless in com- position, but will feebly lift him above what is unworthy in practice. It will correct his taste, but will not enable him