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ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. 103 to resist temptation it will improve his judgment of the world, but will not se- cure him from its pollutions. Human learning will only teach him the know- ledge of others, the Bible that of him- self: Let him therefore enter into the battle of the world armed with weapons from the divine armoury ; stoutly furnished with motives and arguments drawn from religion, of potency to fortify his resolu- tions, convince his understanding, and affect his heart. Let him see in your own example, that religion is neither unmanly or ungentlemanly. Accustom him not to hear the three dominant spi- ritual and intellectual sins, PRIDE, SELF- ISHNESS, and EGOTISM, treated with an indulgence not shown to such as are more disreputable, gross, and scandalous. Against both classes the whole artillery of the Gospel is impartially levelled. Of the first, peculiar condemnation is in- timated in Scripture. Of pride it is ob- served, that 44 God resisteth the proud," P4