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Promïfes ofSpirituali &Temporallthings,compared. CAP, I V.4: e ;, condition his Law be in their hearts , hewill write it there. thankes yet for i o5 that: On what conditiondoth God promife,that they fhall abide withhim for ever? Why,on condition they depart not from him: very good! To what end lothGod promife that,which he will not effe& , but only on condition that there is noneed for him fo todoe? But faith he. 7. If theSpiritualipromifes be abfolute,fo muff theTemporal! be alfa For their accomplifhing depends follyon the things mentioned and prat:filed in the Spirituall.` Anf. z. Temporall things in the Promifes are often expreffed only tobe a refemblance, and to fet off fome eminent Spiritual) Grace intended , as [hall afterwards appeare. In that fenfe thePromifes mentioning fuch things, are a- &wally and fully accomplilhed in the collation of the Spirituali things by them typed and refembled. a. Temporali Promifes as fuch, belong not pri- marily to the Covenant ofGrace,as they are of Temporali things for the fob- fianceofthem, but to the Covenant with that whole Nation, about their in- heritance in the Land ofCanaan , whichwas expreffely conditional), and which heldout no more of Gods intendment to that Nation; but only that there should be aninviolable connexionbetween their Obedience Sc Profpe- rityes. 3. The thingsin this Promife are exprefly differenced from the things ofthat Covenant , on this account , that thatCovenant being broken on the part oftheNation, they enjoyednot that which was laidout as a fruit oftheir Obedience;but this shall never be violated or broken, God undertaking for theaccomplifhingofit, with another manner ofengaging, and futable pow- er exerted, then in that ofold. Heb: 8. 7, 8, 9, i o. Cap. ro. 16, 17. But faith he, 8. The exprelon o fa Covenantplainly(heroes it to be conditional);for a Co. venant is not,but upon the mutual) .ffipulation of parties; whenonefailes,thea is the other true. Anf, i. Theword Berith is fometimes ùfed for a tingle Promife without a condition. Gen:6.182cap. 9.9. Whence the Apoflle handling this very Pro- mile changeth the termes, and calleth it aTeí}anient. In a Teleamentarydi- fpenfation, there is not in the natureof it any mutual) fiipulation reqúired,but only a meere Engle favour and grant or conceflion. 2. It may be granted, that here is aflipulationofdutyfrom us, God promifingto work that inus, which he requires ofus: and thereby is this Covenant diflinguifhed from that whichwas difanulled. In thegood things indeed ofthis Covenant, one may be theconditionofanother, but both are freely beflowed ofGod: And thefe are Mr Goodwin exceptions againft this Tefrimony,whichcometh its, in the calla ofGod, and his Saints, that we have inhand. His next attempt is to 'giveyou. the fenfe ofthe words on this confideration, to manifeft from thence, that this Promifeof Godmay comefhort ofAccomplifhment. This then at length is the account that is given inof thefenceofthe Pro. mite in hand, and all othersofthe like nature. I willgive themone heart and one way, that they may feare meforever; acid will put myfear into their hearts, that theyPall not, or may not departfromme, (i.e.) Iwill dealefo above meafuregracioufly and bountifully with them, as well inmatters relating to their Spiritualicondition, as in things concerning their out- ward condition, that,ifthey be not ptodigioufly, refiraelory, fiubborne,and tinthank- fit//,/will overcome their evillswithmyGoodnefJ'e,éi willcaufe them to owne mee for their God, andwillreduce them, asone man,to a loving and loÿall frame and temper ofheart,that theyfhali willinglywith afree andfullptsrpofe ofheartfeare andferveme for ever. Se&:55. 1? fin/i