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C AP. I. 4; 2.34 Importance of the do&rine propofed & its neceffity. 2 whichGod isabundantly willing, that all the Miresof the promifefiouïd receive, That itis utterly impoflible it fhouldbefafeguarded one moment, without a phi 7.169. perfwafonof this truth, which feales up all the mercy and grace, of the new Rom, 8. 32, Covenant, with the a mchangeablenefs .andfaithfulnefs ofGod. To others, it is 33r34,3í no graceofGo'd, nopart of the purchafe ofChriff, no do&rineof the Go- Sec5.Apift. g setin. Pnpi(f. fpell, no foundation ofcoriColation, butan inventionofmen, a deli forof Sa- Thornfon Ae tan, an'gccafionofdifhonour to God., difonfolatïon and perplexity to belie- Intercis. ,u- 1 It;f.Diatr)n. viers, a powerfull terrptatian unto finne and wickednefi'e in all that doe re- Bertha Apoft. ceive it sanasem °n- ADo&rin it is alfo,whofe right apprehenfron is on all hands confeffed, con. Xcg. sniptasined. tobe ofgreat importance, upon the accornpt of that effeduall influence, 4.2. which it hath and will have,into our walking with God, which fayfomè, is, Gen.r7.. toLove, Humility, Thanhefulnefs, Feare, Fruitfulnefr :'.To.Faljy, Stubbornefs Pfa1.2.. Rébellion ° Difolutenef ° Negli g ence fayothers. Thegreat°conidence ex reied Heb. 1o. 16, bymen concerning the evidence and certaintyof their feverall perfwafions 17,18, 4, whether defendingor oppofing the Do&rineunder confideration, the one part 20,21,22. 2 cot.9:r. profeffìng the truth thereofto be of equail ftability with the promifesof 2Fa. 1.3,4, God, and molt plentifully delivered in the Scriptures others ( at leaft one who is thought tobepars magnaofhis Companions) thatif it be afferted in any placeof theScripture, it wereenough tomale wife & impartiall men to call the authority thereof intoqueflion,muft needs invite men to tineaódeto feeabout what thisearn& cornea is: & psis it ell tarnposens,who dares thus undertake to remove-not only antient Landmarkes & boundaries ofdodrines among theSaints, butmountains of bref,& the hils about Terafalem,which we hoped would ftandfait for ever? ,Theconcernment thenofthe Glory ofGod, and the Honour ofthe LordTefus C. brill, with the -interefl' of the fonles ofthe Saints, being fo wrapt up,and that confeffedly on. all hands , in the Doctrine propofed, I am not out ofhope that the plaine difcourfing of it from the word oftruth, maybe asa word in feafon Itke apples of gold in Pillares of filver. 4. 3. Moreover,befides the generali importance of that do&rine inall times and feafons, the wretched prallizes ofmany in the daies wherein we live, and the induftrious attempts ofothers in theirTeachings, for the fubverting, and cartingit down from itsexcellency, and that place which it hath long held in the ChurchesofChrift; and hearts ofall the Saints of Cod, have rendred the confideration ofit, at this timeneceffary. For theFirft: thefe aredaies, wherein wehave as fad and tremendious ex- 4. 4. amplesofApogacy, backsliding, and falling from ,high and glorious pitches- in profeffion, as any Age can paralleli : As many f acres cart from héaven , As Revel. 12.4. many trees pluckt up bythe rootes,as manyflatelybuildings bywinde,raine, Joa. 12. anditorme, call to the ground, asmany Sonsofperditiondifcovered, as many Moth. 7.26, wafhedtwine returning to their mire, as manyDemases going after the prefent 27. 2Thet2.8. evill World, andmen going out fromthe Church which were never truly and 2 rer. 1. 20, properly of it,as many Sonnesofthe morning and Children of high 4.10. illumá- 2I, 22. nation & gifts Petting in darknefs,&that ofall forts,as ever,in fofhort a fpace 2 Tim. Jolt 3. 19. oftime, fence the nameofChrift wasknown upon the Earth. Whatthrough He b. 6.4 5. thedeviáting of tometo thewayerof the World, and the Lulls of theflejbt 6° what ofothers, to fpirituall wickedneffes and abominations a it is feldome that we fee aProfe[sor tohold out in theGlory of his Profeffion to the end. I IhaIl -not now difcourfe ofthe particular caufes hereof, with the temptations and advantagesofSatan, that feem tobe peculiar to this feafon, but only thus take noticeofthe thing it felfe, as that which preffeth for, andrendreth the confr_derationofthe do&tine propofed not only feafonable:but neceffary,. `114-..t