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Apoftafy ofProfeffors aTemptatiou tò Believers. C p.1. 4: 5. That this is 'a Bumbling block in the way of them, that feeke to walke . 3 withGod,I fuppofethat none ofthem will deny. Itwas foofold and it will P. 5 focontinue until! the end. And therefore our Saviour predi&ing and dif courting of the like feafon, Mathew 24, Foretelling that Manyfhould be deceived, ver. II. That iniquityflmuld abound, and the love of manywax cold, v. I 2. that is , vifibly and fcandaloufly to the contempt and feeming difadvantage of the GofpelI,adds as a prefervative confolation,to his own chofenfele& ones,who might be Ihaken in their comforts &confidence to fee fomany that walked in theHoufe of God and took fweet counfell together withthem to fall headlongto deffru&ion,that theEleafhall not befed:tced;Let the attemptsòfseducers be what they will, and their Advantages never fo many, or theirfucceffesnever fo great,they ¡hall ,bepreferved>theHoufeupon the Racke than not be caft downe; Againff the Church built on Chrift the GatesofHell flìall not prevaile. And Paid mentioning the Apoflacy ofHyme. næur and Philetus,who feeme tohave beene teachersof fome eminency and Starts offomeconfderable magnitude in the Firmament ofthe Church,with the everfionof theFaith offome who attended unto their abctninations, 2 Tim.2,17,18. Leaft any difconfolation fhould furprize believers in refe- rence to their owne condition , as though that Ihould be lubricous, uücer- taine, and fuchas might end indeffru&ion and their Faith in an over throw: he immediately adds that effe&wall cordial], for the reviving& fup- portment oftheirconfidence and comfort, v. r9. Neverthelefe (notwith= flandingall this Apoftafy ofeminent profeffors yet) hefoundation ofGod fiandeth fure, the Lord noweth who are his; Thofe who are built upon the foundationofhis unchangeablepurpofe and love, fhall not be prevailed a- gainft: fohn likewife doth the fame ; for having told his little Children, that therewere manyAntich.rills abroad in the world, and they for themoti: part Apoflates, headds in thefirft Epitt: fecond Chap: verfe the 19. They went out from ma becaufe they were notofus, for ifthey hadbeenof usthey would no doubt have continued with us;but they went out that they might bemade manifefb that they were not all ofuu.He lets thé know that by their beingApoflates,they had rooved themfelves tohave beene butHypocrite; and therefore believers dwelling infafetÿ was nowayprejudiced by their backfliding.The likeoccafi- on now calls for the like Application, & thefame difeafefor the fame preven- tion or remedy; That nofound perfons may be hhaken, becaufe unhealthy ones are Ihattered,that thofe maynot tremble who are built on the. Rock, becaufe thofe are call downewho are built on the fand,is one part of my aymeand intendment in handling this do&rine. And therefore I shall as little dabblein the watersof ftrifeor intifI upon Winway ofcontroverfy as the importunityofthe adverfary & thattruthwhich we are obliged to con- tendfor,will permit.One Scripture in its own plaineffe & fimplicity, will be ofmoreufe for the end I aline at, then twentySc?olafticall Arguments preffed with never fomuch accurateneffeand fubtility: A Temptation then thisis, and hath beenof old to the Saints, difpofedof R 4:I 6.20 by the manifold wifdomeofGod, to ffir them up to take heed leaf{ they 2. to put them upon trying and examining, whether Chrifl be in them or no, , Cor., 1. :9. and alfo to makeout to thofe Fountains ofefIablifbment inhis eternal! Pur- 2 Cor: t ;. 5. pofe and Gratious Promifes, wherein their refrefhments and referves under IV "` . 2.24, fuch temptations do lyeAnd yet though our do&rine inforces us to conclude 115.44.22. all fuch never to be found believers in that peculiar notion and fence Mpeé:3: 17. ofthat expreffionwhich {hall infrantlybe declaredy,who totally andfinally Heb.3. 12. .apoflatize and fall off from the wayes of God, yet is it excedingly remote 114b'3.17' '8" from being any truegroundoffhaking the Faith ofthofe, who trulybelieve B 2 any