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CAP. 1. §:¡e Apoflafy of Hypocrites How farre. 4 any farther thenfhaking is ufefuli for the right and thorough performance ofthat great Gofpell duty oftryall andfelfe examination. ß 7 Mr Goodwinindeed contends, Chapter 9. Secs. 8, 9, so, II. Pag. io8, tog, r ro:) thatif wejudgeallfuch asfall away to perditionnever to have been true Believers (that is with fuch a Faith as befpeakes them to enjoy union with Chrift and acceptancewith God,) it will adminiiter a thoufandFearsand fra- loufles concerningthe f undneffe ofa Malta owne Faith whether that befound or no, andfo it will be indferent as to confolation, whether true believers mayfall away or no, teeing it is altogether uncertain whether a man hath anyofthat trite Faith which cannot peril!), But .An. r. Firlt,God who hath promifed to make all things woke together for Rof8.28. good to them that love him, in his infinite Love and Wifdome is pleated Pfa1.3o.6,7. to exercife them with great variety, both within and without, in ref¢- 8. 17. rence to themfelves and others, for the accomplifhing towards them all the ch94.7,8,9 I Pet, 3 goodpleafureofhis goodneffè &carrying them on in that holy humble depen- ' c°° 3.13' ding frame, which is needfull for the receiving from him thofe gratious fu - t Pet. 4. r2. gi g P 2 cor. 7. s. plyes, without which it is impofiible they fhould be. preferved. To thisend 2 The' 1.11. aretheyoften expofed to winnowings of feirce winds and fhakings by more H$b.9.2 5, dreadfvll blafts, hen any breathes in this confiderationofthe. Apoflatizing Ifa57i5 & ofprofeffours though of Eminency. Not that God is delighted with their 66.2. fears : elou ies,whichyet he knows under fuchdifpenfations theymuffcon Per. 5.5. fli&withall, butwith the tryall and exercife of their Graces whereunto he Mat 24, calls thetas; that's his Glory, where in his foule is delighted. It is no fingular áno5.9.9. thing forthe Saints ofGodtobee exercifed with a thoufondfears & jealoufzer Luk. 22. 31. and through them to grow togreat eftablifhment, If indeedtheywere fuch üphe.6.n,12, aswereunconquerabk, fuch as did not worke together for their good, fuch Ephe. 4. 14 as muffneedsbe endleffel, all meanesoffatisfa&ion and eftablithment beeing 1,(6.49.14,15' refcinded by the caufesofthem,thenwere there weight in this exception;but & 63.9. neither the Scriptures, nor the experience of theSaints of God do give the 'ARs 9.5 leafi hint to filch an"affertioh. 141.103.13. Pet. t. 7. Secondly, It is denied that the fall ofthe milt glorious Hypocrites is in- Rom. 8.38 deed an efficacious engine in thehands of the adverfary, to ingenerate any . t cor.Yo.13. other feares and Jealoufes, or to expofe them to any otheríhakings, then whatare common to them in other temptations ofdaily incurfion , which God Bothconfiantly make way for them to efcape5 It is true indeed, that if true believers had no other foundation of their perfwafion that they arefo, but what occurres vifìbly to the obfervation ofmen in theoutward converfa- tionofthéthat yet afterward fall totally away,the Apofiafie offuch(notwith- h anding the generali affürance they have, -that thofe who are borne ofGod Joh.4.9. cannot, f all notfinne unto death, feeing their own intereft in that eftateand condition may be clouded, (at leaf for a feafon) and their confolation there- upon depending interrupted) might occafion thoughts in them of veryfad confideration: but whileft betides all thebeams & raies that ever iffued from a falling flaire, all the leaves and bloffomes with abortive fruit, that ever grewon anunrooted tree, all thegoodly turrets and ornaments of the fairefi. Joh. 5. -,s houfethat ever was builton the fand, there ate moreover three that beard witnefs in Heaven, the Father, Sonne, and Spirit, and three that Beare witnefs r Joh.2.20, on Earth, the Water, Bloud, and Spirit , whilft there is a teaching, anoynting, 21' and affuringearnfi, a firmefealing to theday ofredemption, a knowledge. 'that. 2cor.1.21,22. we are pafsedfromdeath to life: the temptation arifing from the Apoftafie'of s cot. s1 s Hypocrites is neitherfo. otent nor unconquerable, but that by thegraceof Ephes. 1.14. YP P 9 2 Iii Ephef. 4.30. him throughwhom we candoe all things, it may be very well dealt withal!. ttom.8. ,6. This I fay, fuppofing the ordinary pretence and operation of the fpirit of grace