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100 AnExpofitiûnof.the 27. Pfdipe. Vert IT The fecond Secondly, Davidhadknowledgeof Godsgracious pro- - Reafon perty, in becoming a guide unto his children : as, Pfal. 77. 2). Thou leadefl thy people like a flock, Pfal. 8Q. 1. Give ewe, thouIhepheand ofifael,that leaded Joieph lilac: aflock He'led themwith a cloudy Lv, and apillar offire bj night , Ex. 13:21. Pfal. 78.14. Now being in covenant, he 'ayes claim to his favour, and begs it by prayer. `the third Thirdly, Davidpraveth to be led by God, for his fafe- Reafon. ty and fecurity againfi his enemies : this reafon is here ren- dered ; lead me in a plain path, becasire of mine enemies : for when God is for him, he will not fear : what can man do untohim. Pfal. 118. b. whenGod leadcthhim, he will not fear, though he walk through the very valleyof the Çhadow ofdeath, Pfal. 23. 2, 4. This ferves for inftruchon, and f9r admonition. The firfi uíe For inftru'ion twowayes : Firft, it lets us fee the true forinflru&i- ground, of the perfeveranceof the godly, in the Rate of on, grace, it is not in thernfelves,but in and from the Lord,who is with them, and leads them in the wayeverlafting : he by hisfpirit minifters daily fupply of grace, and fo keeps them from falling away. See 1 john 2.20.27. ?ohn 14. IF, 17. ?ohn 4. 4, 13. This fpirit gives fap and juyce to the feed ofgrace, fo as they cannot fin unto death, r John 3. 9. Ier. 32.40. Pf:l. 125. 1,2. There things we fhould mark, to armeour felves againft the uncomfortable doc4rine of Pa- pifls and Arminians, that fay, the truechild of God may fall away from faving grace ; but Iohn 4. 14. The Water, that IJhallgivehim,fhall be in him st well ofwater,/J ringing up intoeverlafting' life, and, John 1o. 27, 28. The fecond Secondly, David; pradife fhewes the meekneffeofwife- ufe for in- dome, that is in thofe, that betrulygodly, not to truft in ftruEtion themfelves, but humbly craving. the Lords condu&; and guiding in this world, to put all theirttruft in the Lord. Theufe for For admonition, it ferves notably to move every one admonition. to labour to be fuch, as God will lead, and guide in the paths oflife ; for fo fhall`theybe fure to find rea for their foules : as Ier. 6.16. Now