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Verf. Ir . AnExpofitienofthe z7. Pfalme. Now that we may be fuch, we muff be careful! offoure things. Firft, that we Rand rightly in covenant with God, being indeed his people,and havinghim for ourGod,tieut. 3 2. 9, I o, t I , 12. The Lords portirm is his people he found him in a defart land he ledhim about, he infirut1edhim, he kept him as the apple of hic eye fo the Lord alone did lead him. WhenDavid hath the Lord for his fhepheard, he af_ fures himfelfe he will lead him by theRill waters, Pfal. 23. i, 2, 3. Secondly, we muff bepenitent perfons, breaking off thecourfe offm : for God will not take the wicked by the hand, lob 8. 2o. they that wal!`,in dark re f fe cannot havefel- low(zip with God, i John I.6. Thirdly, wemuff give dili- gent heed to the word ofGod : for that is Godscounfell, whereby he guides his people unto glory, Pfal. 73. 24. Fourthly, we muft daily beg this bleffing of God, as Da- vid here doth, and in many other places, as is (hewed be- fore. Becaufe ofmineenemies] Davids reafon of his two for- mer petitions: therefore doth he defire ofGod tobe taught his wares, and to be led in firaight paths, becaufe he had filch enemies, as continually foughr his ruineand deftruc`ti_ on : fo that,ifhewere out of Godsprotebion,theywould foon work his defiruetion. This reafon may be confidered two wayes : Firfi,fimply by it feif, for the matter which it contains : Secondly,with reference to the petitions,which it doth enforce. In the rea- fon (imply confidered this is here plainly taken for granted, That `David had enemies, who both wifhed and fought his overthrow. This is plain in this Pfalme, verfe 2. His ene- mies, and hisfoes came upon him, toeat up his flefh : and werfe t 2. theyfa/fly accufedhim, and breathedout cruelty a- gainfr him. Whereto we may adde, for fuller and plainer evidence. Pfd.;. I. Lordhow are they encreafèd, that trou- ble me ? Many are they, that rifeupagainfl me. Pfal. 69.4. They, that hate mewithout a caufè,are moe then the haires of minehead : they, that woulddeflroy me, being mine enemies wrongfully, arema*. The: Iol What we mull: do that we may be fuch as God will1:ad. The fourth Obfervation..