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IO2 The firft Reafon. The,fecond Reafon. The third Reafon. AnEx:: ofitionof the 27. Pfalme. Verf.I t. The reafons hereof, with the application in ufes, are fet down before,Verfe 6. Obfervation r.brie9y to thiseffe&. FirPt,the good will and pleafure of God, thus tomake David a type ofChrist, ofwhom it is faid, ITa.S 3.16. It pleafed the Lord to bruifehim,with Ad.4.25. &c.alledging the fecond Pfalm true altoofDavid the type. Secondly, David: finnes fometimes occasioned this evil!, 2 Sam.12 9. Thirdly,corruptions in the wicked,who had to doewith David,ftirred them up againft him twowayes. Firít,inha- tredofhis goodnefle, Pfalm 38.19,2 therein verifying, Gen. 2,i .whereupon our Saviour calls the scribes and Pha- rifees Serpents,and a Generationof Vipers, ()Vat. 23.33. Secondly, in envie ofhis honour,Pfalm.4.2.7)f lrn. 62.4. as Daa.6.3,4. By way ofufe it ferves For infruc`tion, and admoni- tion. For inftruaion, fee in David the fate of the Godly in The- ute for inífruftion. this world, liable to the trouble and danger ofmany and cruel! enemies : reafon,as Luke 23.3 1. and as Ier.2S.' 9. The ufe for For admonition,tobeware ofrafh judgment, either a- admnonition. gainf others, that they are nought, becaufe they areby fo many oppreflèd ; for fo we might condemne the Codly, as pfzlm,73.15, fee ;era I-o. or againft our felves, that wee are forfaken ofGod,becaufe men perfecute usas Pfalm.22. I. Indeedwe muff confider the caufe, and make ufe of per. fecution accordingly. Now the caufe is either correction for finne,or tryall ofgrace. Ifwe find our finnes have brought enemies upon us, then _wee mull humble our felves under Gods hand,who ufeth the rage ofenemies, as rods to-whip his children,Ifa. i o. 5,6.In thiscafe hemule fmell the favour of a facrifice, as i Saw.26.19. bring untoGod a contrite and broken heart, that he will not defpife, Pfalm. 51. 17. If ,we finde that God would make tryallofgrace in ws, by the enemies he doth raifeup againf us,then wee muff: ftrive to give evidence ofour faith iri God,bypatient bearing the tryall,which his providence layeth on us, wheretowee íhaill be