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Veda'. As Expofitiott of-the 27. PPMet beenabled : Firl, bycónfidering Gods hand herein : for a fparrow lightethnot on the ground without his will,Mat. 1 o. 28, 29, 3 1 . Thus Davidpatiently bore Shemei his cur- ing, 2 Sam. 16. 1 I , 12. with Pfal.39. 9. yea thus Chril} endured the croffe, and condemnation by Pilate, ?ohm. 19. IC, I I . Secondly, by remembring the good end ; for wee fhall comeforth as the gold, Job. 23. 1 o. Many are the af- f it ions ofthe godly, but the Lord delivers them out ofall Pfal. 34.19. Nay herebyour glory (hall beencreafed,Rom. 8.18 The /ufferings of this time arenot worthy to be com- paredwith the glory;whichfhall berevealed in us : nay 2 Cori 4. 17. Our light of fliElion, Which is but for a moment, mor kethfor us afarre more exceeding and eternal/weight ofglo- ry : for, ifwefufer, we (hall alfo raigne with him, 2 Tim. 2. I 2. Thus Mofes encouraged himfelf under the croffe, with r-efpeft to the recompenceof reward, Heb i i. z5, 26. yea our Saviour Chrift, Heb. i 2.2. who for the hope that Wasfet beforehim, endured thecroffe, defiifed thefhame, and isfet at the right handofthe throne ofGod. For he himfelf hereupon encouraged his Difciples, cil fat. 5. 1 o, I t, 12. BlefJ"ed are they, Who areperfecutedfor righteoufnefefake, for theirs is theKingdorne ofheaven. Bleffedareyee, When men revile _you Repoyceand be exceedingglad : forgreat is your re- ward in heaven. I01 Secondly, confider this reaion with reference to the two The fifth former petitions , which it enforceth, and this is plain Obfervatios; That theexpofition ofDavids enemies moves him to bee more humble and earneft in prayer and fupplication unto God. Their infurreftion againft him becomes hisprovoca- tion to flye to God, Pfal. 77.2. In the dayofmy trouble I fought the Lord, Pfal. 5. 8. Leadme, O Lord in thy righ- teoufnefe. becaufe ofmine enemies, Pfalm 69. 12, 13, T 4. They that fate in the gate ( that is Judges and Magi- ftrates) fpake again/! mee. But ayfor me, my prayer is unto thee, O Lord Let mebe deliveredfrom them that hateme, Pfal. log. 2,3, 4. The mouth ofthe wicked, andthe P mouth