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,RnExpefitionofthe 27. Pfalme. Vert: ix. rtseutli ofthe deceitfull, are openedarainft me °-'-- They com- p./fed t tbò't with words ofhatred, andfought aping me wit,J A* a_caufe. For my,love theyare mine adverfaries, but I trayPelfonto.pr i er.. The fir1 Rea- The feafon hereofis three-fold. Firm, the confideration Con. ofGods hand in the oppofition ofhis enemies, which ever hath an overrulingpower in all mens adions,If.45.'.Amos 3. 6. The tecond Secondly, confcience ofobedience toGod, who requires Reafon. to be fought in times of trouble, Pfal. 50. t 5. he third Thirdly, confidence in Cods helpe, grounded both on Reafon. Gods property and promife : for his property,he is the true God, that hearethprayer, Pfal. 65 2. He is our refugeanl trenTth ; prefent help in:trouble. Pfal. 46. z . For his pro. mife it is plain, Pfal. 91. 15. PteAil/ call upon me, and i Will aríf[Ter him t Twill be with him in trouble, IWill deliver him. This ferves for inftruc`tion, reprehenfon, and admoni- tion. :: Theufe for ,for infruc4ion, we may fee in `Davida notable proper. inßru Lion tyof the godly, which is, to leek help and fafety from the Lord, when the wicked do eagerly labour for their de/tru. Rion in theworld. Vnto Davids praaife in this place joyn the behaviour of 7ehofaphat, 2 Chron. ac. 2, 3, 4. who fought the Lord in solemn prayer and fasting, when cA'foab, Ammon, and mount Seir came againft him in ho.ftile manner. The like did Hez.eah, upon the bloody railingofSennacherib, both by Rabfakeh and bywriting, I/: 37. i . &c. Thus alto did (Mordecai and Efther, when Haman fought their utter ru- rne, Eft. 4. 6. So did Chrifls A,poftles for themfelves, AtIs 4. z 1, 3e, 31. and the Church did fo for Peter, Acs 1 2. 5, The life for For reproof, it makes juftly to all naturali wicked men, reproofe. who inoppofìtion against them by enemies do little regard this duty, a& ?oram laid in the ¡trait fledge ofSamaria,This tvill cometh of the Lord, Wherefore fbouldIWait on the Lord any Alp