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i o An Expoftion of the 27. Pfilme, Vert-. i z'. brought forth in life : when luft hathconceived, it bringeth forth finne : Mans finne is thechild born, therefpoken of; mans foule, as it is carnal!, is thewombe, wherein it is con- ceived : theSuggeftion ofSatan, with mans ownevil con- cupi?cence, are thefeed whereof it is formed, and fo farre forth is mans finne begottenof thedevil!, and hath him for the father ; as he is called the father of lyes, john 8. 44.for he put it into yudasheart to betray his maiter,Iohn 13. z.. & filledAnania.s his heart,that he lyeduntoGod, Asts and fobecame in them the father of thofe grievous finnes, treachery in Indu, and hypocrifie in Ananias. Now to try our eftate, for thedominionoffinne, by this refemblance, do we fay ofany finne, as Rachel didofnaturall children to Iacob, Gen. 3o. I. give me children, or elfe I dye ? cloth tuft make thee tick, as it did e,1mmon ? 2 Sam. 13. i,2.doeft thou like the whoriíh woman,with an impudent face, allure others to finne ? Prov. 7. i3, 18. Is it paftime to thee to do wickedly? Prov. 18.23.doeft thou not fleep,except thou have done mifchief ? Prov. 4. i 6. Doeft thou devife ini- quity, and work evil upon thybed : andwhen morning is light, doeft thou pra.ice it, becaufe there is power in thine hand ? &e, Mich. 2. I. &c. upon all thefe, and the like,the dominion offinne maybe concluded : he that faith of evill doing, aha, myfoule,.is as yet undoubtedly in his foule void oflaving grace, Pfal. 36. i . The traufgref on of the ungod- lyfaithwithin my heart, there is no feare ofgod before his eyes. This is likewife evident by the contrary affe ions in the godly, inwhom grace isrenewed : to get grace, and to prac`fife obedience is their foule : as Chrift told his difciples, My meat is to do the will of him that fen,. me, John 4. 34 As the hart panteth after the water brool`e, f ò pan teth my foule after thee O God. My foule thinfteth forGod, Pfal.42. I , 2. Myfoule longeth, yea even fainteth for the Courts of theLord : my heart and myflefh crye& out for the living god. Pfal. 84.2. The word of God was to `David as his foule : the foule weknow quickeneth the body, and Gods wordquickened his foule, Pfal, I 19. So. 93. They were the