Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Veí{:i2. dinE.xpofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. thejoy and rejoycing of 7ererniahsheart. per. i5. t 6.And Parr]was as a womanwith child in travaile after the con- verfion of others, Gah.4.Tc.His lifewas not dear untohim, fo hemight further the Gofpell, As 2o. 24. Mark thefe things, and pray forunderfianding. Secondly, if we find, that finfull affections be our foule, 'T he fecortd that is, our delire and delight, that then we give all dili- ufe for admo gence for change deflate : for who would continue in the "'u0°' gall ofbitternefhe, and under the power of darkneffe, if he could help it ? And though it be not in our own power,for it is a new creation, 2 Cor. 5. t 7. and the firft refurreetion, Rev.2c.6.andwho canbring a clean thing out offilthineffe? Not one,Iob 14.4. Can the Ethiopian changehis skin,or the Leopard her fpots?then may theydo good,that areaccuflo- med to do evill,7er. i 3.23. withman this change ofhimfelf is impolíible,but with God all thir.gs are poflible,Mat.19. 26. Hecan raife up children unto Abrahamof fiones,Mat. 3.9 And for his workingof it,the wife and powerfullGod ofheaven hath ordained away & means,and prefcribed the ufe thereof to naturali men, ofthe underftandingwhereof reafon is capable. This means is thepreachingof theword, fanhifed byprayer, for thebleffingof the fpirit. The mo- rali law will difcover. finne, and the danger thereof to a na- turali man:for by the law comes theknowledge offin,Rons. 3.20. andofthe danger thereof, Gal. 3. i o. And by the Gofpell comes the knowledge of the remedy, for it is the word of his grace, Alts 20. 32. revealing mercy in Chri(f, John 3. i 6.and (hewing the way and means to bemadepar_ takers of him. John 3. 36. And in the ufe of thefeordinan- ces, a natural! man may exercife himfelf,and wait,for Gods bleffing : He may hear, and apply both the law and go- fpell, and pray for thebleffing of God upon his endeavors. Husbandmen takepains for theprecious fruits ofthe earth, and pray for thebleffing ofGod upon their labour. And whymay not naturali men doe fo much for their foules ? Surely the neglect of the ufe of means is and will be the condemnationofmany, ?ohn. 3.19. Q For