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11 An£xpjtionofdie 27. *Inn; Vt1 .I2. For in themeans Godwilleth their gathering,Mat.23.37 and our Saviour tells the Jewes,, they would not come unto him that they might have life,. John 5.4o. Paying, that the 9,,Lieenofthe Southfhould rifeup in judgement againfl them, for her pains to hear Solomons wifedome, andyet a greater then Solomon was there, Mat. 12.42. Therefore wait in themeans: as ?ohn 5.3, ^,5. So did Carnehm fait andpray, .Ads i c. 3; then reverently hear Peter verfe 33. The three thoufand converted on the day of Pentecaft, Ads 2.41. firit heard' Peter preach, and apply the law to thepricking of their hearts, verfe 2C. 27. then they heard the Gofpell, and gladly received it, and after continued in the Apoftles dotrine. verfe41,42. He,that hadbut one talent might have employedit, and is juftly condemnedfor not fo doing, Mat,z5. 25. &c. The unbelieving Jewes might haveheardPauland Barnabas preach, but they would not : but put away the word, and judged themfelves unworthy of eternal! life, Ácats 13.46.. The fecond The fecond thing tobe noted in this petition is, the fa. observation. your andkindneffe, which Davidcraveth ofGod, namely, . that he wouldnot deliver bim to the will ofhis enemies, fo as they should have liberty toaccomplifh theirbloody de- fignes upon him : See Pfal. 35. 19, 25.. Let not them, that are mineenemies, rejoyce over me Let them notfay in their hearts, ah, ah, ourrattle. Pfal. 36.11. Let not the foot of pride comeagainft me, and letnot the handof the wicked re- move me. Pfal. 7 1. 4. Deliver me,/) my God,out ofthe hands ofthe Wicked, out of the handof the unrighteous and cruel! man. Pfal. 14o. 1, 4, 8. `Deliver me, .0 Lord,fom theevill man : prefcrve mefrom the violent man seep me O Lord, from the hands ofthe wickedgrant not, O Lord,thedefìres ofthe wicked. The fait The reafons hereofaremany. Piril,'refpe&ing himfelfe;, Rego,. as the confcience ofhis finnes. that deferved this evil!, tobe &livered into thehands ofhis enemies : for fo hee knew God threatned to do with his own people, and had for- merly performed it 7udd. 2,. I41 t Theanger oftheLord wits.