Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

Vert. i z. 4$Expofitionof 27. Pfalnse. was kindledagainfl Ifrael, and he delivered them into the handsoffioylers, andfold them into the handsoftheir ene, mies round about them. Thehandof the Lord Vrar againll themfor evill, hehadLaid, andthorn unto them. Secondly, in regard ofhis enemies, whom he knew,firít, The feeow to bewithout confcíence ofdealing juftly, and full fraught Reafca. withall cruelty. This reafon is rendered in this verfe : for fafewitneff s are rifenupagainfl me, andfuch as breath out cruelty. verfe z. they Wouldfwallow him up : as Pfal. 56.1 2. For their strength and cruelty he refembles them to ftrongbulls ofPafhan, Pfal, 22. i z. to ravening and roa- ring Lyons, verfe 13. and to d- gs, verfe i 6. Pfal.57. 4. fet on fire : their teethare' ears and arrowes, and their tonguea ./harpfword:yea Pfal.140.3. They haveJharpenedtheir tongue like a Serpent : adders poyfon is under their lips. Secondly., he knew they would vaunt and boat`}of their triumph over him to kaods dishonour : as Pf. 35. 19;26. Let not them, that aremine enemieswrongfully, rejoyce over me they re- joyce at his hurt, andmagnifie themfelves againfl him : lay- ing to his greatelt grief, where is now thy God ? Pfal. 42.3. io. Herein no doubt facrificing to their net, praifing their own power, and policie : as the Philiffims praifed Dagon, for theconquefi ofSampfon, YudL. 16. 2 ;. 'Thirdly, in regardof God; knowing,firft, that his pow- Thethizi er and providence over-ruled all. Pfal. 135. 6. whatfoever Reafon. the Lord pleafes,that didhe in heaven, and inearth : in the teas, and all deepplaces. Ifhe (peak the word, it is done, Pfal. 33.9. Surely, the wrath ofman ¡hall praife thee: the remainder of wrath (halt thou refirain, Pfa1.76.1 o.he ¡hall cut offthe fpirit of Princes, verfe 12. Hek new they would have no power over him, but by Gods permif3ion : as ?ohn 19. 1 1. econdly, that by his foveraigntyhemight fo deale with his deareft fervants, either for their triall, as he dealt with ?ob, or to give way to the wicked, to fill up their fins, in afflicting the godly, that fo his juftice and power maybe glorified in theirdeftruchon : fohe fuffered Pharoah to af- fiidhis people inEgypt, Exod. 9.16. Rom. 9. 17. Third- Q2 1%! 213