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Vert.i . AnExpofizionofthe27. Pfalnee: procure Davids hurt, did they thus beare falfe witneffe a- gainfi him. This fervesfor inürutiion, admonition, and comfort. Theufe foc For inlirutf ion : fee in Davids enemies into what fear- inílruaeic . full evils, and horrible fumes, the corruption ofnature will bringnatural men, whomGod doth leave to themfelves, even to bear falfe witnefíeagainli their neighbour, which is a mofi heinous and horrible finne, even againft the light of nature, which teacheth, that men íhouldnot do toothers, what they wouldnot have done unto themfelves : and. the very heathen have molt feverely punifhed this finne. And the Word of God accounts falfe witneffes tobe the chil- drenof the devill : for who is meant by Belial. 2 Cor. 6. 15 . but the devill ? So the Syriac renders the word by Sa- tan. Now falfe witnefle bearers are the children of Bella!, r Kings 20. I o. Prov. 6. 1 2. and 16. 17. and 19. 28. they do the lufis of the devill,rohn 8.44.in a mot} horrible thing, even puttingupon God, theperfonof the devill, to be the patrone ofa lye. For admonition, to wicked men, that dare be bold upon The ufe for filchungodly pratiifes : confider the heinoufneffe of this admonition, finne, asproper to thewicked,and thedreadful judgements it muff ne:As bringupon them, being fo difhonourable to God, and abhominablein his fight. See Prov. 6. 16,19. Pfal. 52. 4, 5. Thou loveff all devouring Words, O thou deceitfull tongue : Godfhall likeznife deftroy theefor ever,and root thee out ofthe landofthe living. For comfort, to the godly, that are thus wronged : it The life for hath befallen better then thy. feif, Chirli Jefus, David,Ste- comfort. phen, r c. See Luke 23.3 i . and let the godlyconfider,that the devill is the falfe acctifer ofthe bretheren, Rev. i 2. 1o. iftheycan find, that they have repented truly, and doe rei upon Chrift, for pardon, and walk innew obedience, they may ref} aflùred of mercy upon Gods promife, Prov. 28. 13. ohn x . 9. and foprove the devill a falfe accufer in their coníciences, ashe was to rob, chap. 13.16. For when R God II¢