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120 AnExpofationofthe27. Pfalms. Verf. x2. Godhathpardoned finne, he doth not behold it, 2tumb. 23. 21. his finne is covered, Pfalm 3 z. T. The fecond branch of the reafon, why David deTres to The fourth bekept out ofthehands orhis enemies, is, becaufe of their Ohfervation. deadly hatred towards him, Saul, ` Davids arch-enemy, breathed out violence againfl him, T Sam. 21. 3 T. fendand fetch him unto me, for he 'hallfurely dye : therefore doth David fooften,ftile him by the name of the violent man, 'fal.140. 1, 4. andmeans him andhis followers, when he faith, mine enemies hateme, with hatred ofviolence, M1..15, 19. Inheart you Work Wickednefe, you weigh the violence of your hands in theearth, Pfal. S5. 2. Magiflrates fhould di- erfeinflice andmercy, Pfal. 1 o i. I. but Sanland his coun- fell became the tradefmen ofviolence : violence covered them as a garment, Pfal. 73. 6. üe x..eafor.. The reafon hereof in Saulwas twofold. Firft, envy at Davids honour : for when the women fang tohis renown, Saul hath {lain his thou fand, and Davidhis ten thoufand , Saul was very wrath, and the faying difpleafed him : and he eyedDavid from that day forward, and (portly after call a javelin at him to kill him. 1 Sam. x 8. 7, 8,9,1o, I T. plainly verifying that of Solomon, wrath is cruel l, andanger is outragions, but Who is able to fland before envy , Prov. The fecond Secondly, ambition, an infatiabledelire to enjoy theho- Reafon. nour ofthe Kingdome ¡IThis own perfon, and to leave the fame tohis pofterity, which hefeared would be croffed by David, and thereupon hateshim to the death : fo as he can- not endure his own fonne yonathan, who fpake in his he- half,but calls him the fonne of a perverfe rebellious woman, who had chofen the fonnof teffe, David, to his own con- fufion for as long as thefonne ofJeffe liveth on theground, thoufhalt not be eflablifhed, nor thy Kingdome: Wherefore fend, andfetchhim unto me, for he 'hallfurely dye, 1 Sam. 20.30,31. This ferves for infruaion, and for admonition. For