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Verf.12. An Expofrtionofthe 27. Pfalrrte. 12i rft For inítrudion two wayes. Firlt, touching the mate of The feein- thegodly, that they are in this world liable to the deadly ítru ion. hatred OfungodlyKings and Governours.A grievous thing toGods poor fervants, but too true, as with divine tefti- mony plain inftanceswill manifeít. For teftimony, tYtat. io. 18. Ye fbal1 be brought L efore Governours, and Kings for rayfake, for a teftimonyagain them, Mat. 24. 9. They Jballdeliveryou uptobeaffdided,andJhall killyou : and gee 'hall be haredofall nationsformy namesfake. For instance, confider the bondage of frae under Pharoah in Egypt, Exod. a, 2, and 3. chapters : their feventy years captivity in Babilon, ver. 25. t t . the bloody defigne of Haman for thedestructionof all theJ ewes,in theKingdome ofAhaJh- veruc,Efiher 3. 8,9,to, 13. the perfecutions of the Apo- i les by the jewes, Plus 4.24, 25, 26,27. the perfecutions ofthe Apostles and other Christians by Herod, .Ass 12. a, FoxeAets and 2, 3, 4.and the ten molt bloody perfecutions by the heathen Monuments. Roman Emperours , recorded in the Ecclefìafticall Ito- Tom. I. ries. Secondly, fee in thisviolence ofSaul againft David, an The fecond infallible figne cfthe dominionofmalice, and envy in the filifeftion heart : namely, when themouth Bothbreath out violence: for ofthe abundanceoftheheart the mouth#eaketh : an evill man out ofthe evill treafure ofhis heart bringethforth evill. - Mat. a 2. 34, 35. Indeed fometimes the godlymay over- shoot themfelves, in wordsofviolence, through (harp and n" fuddenprovocations, as yob and Ieremie did, when they curled the timeoftheir birth, ?ob 3.3. per. 20. 14. there- fore the dominionof malice, by violent words, molt be judged, not by fome particular acts, but by ordinary and continuali courfe : as the Apostle doth, Rom. 3. 9, 14. prove a man to be in the hate ofnature, under finne, when his mouth isfull of curfing and bitternesl'e : wherewith that ofSolomonBoth fitly accord, Prov. i o. i i . laying, violence covereth the mouthofthe wicked, and Prov. i 6. 29, 3o. A violent manfhutteth his eyes, to devife froward things, w o wing his lips hee bringeth evill topale: like untoSaul, R z Acts