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136 41n Expofitiono f the 27. Pfame. Veri. 4. thew thenecefiityof it. So that here in generali wehaveto handle the duties propounded, and the reafon to enforce them. Theduties are two,, bothof them refpecîingour be- haviour in time of afl3iftion : 1irll, towait on God : fc- condly, to be ofgood courage. For the firft to wait on God;is patiently to tarry die Lords leifure, for the things we delre, whether it be to k freed fromevills, or made partakers of bleflings, or both though here the exhortation hath fpeciall conference to ex= peftation of deliverance from evills. So that the firft thing wehave here to note is this : The f That every child ofGod, who is under any evills, ofbo ' bi472ti °n dy, or mind, orboth, mull flirreup his heart to wait the Lords good pleafure, and Leduc for deliverance, Pfal. t 3 6. Let Ifrael hope in the Lord,. Luke 2 I. 19. Byyour pati. ence poffeffeyourlaves, whenyou are betrayed, by parents, kindrfolkZs, and friends : now waiting on God is the holy art, or workofpatience, Rom. 8.2 5. The examplesofGods children, profeffing the praftice of thisduty, are many : as of?acob. Gen. 49. i e. 1 have waitedfor thy falvation, o Lord. Job 14. 4. All the dales of mine appointed time will Iwait. David. Pfal. i 3c. 5.6. Iwait for the Lord,yea, my fouledoth Wait, myfoulewaitethfor the Lord, more then they that watchfor the morning. Yea, this is the praftifeof the Church it felf, If. 25.9. It /ball belaid in that day, loe, this is our God, we have waitedfor him, and he Willfave u< This is the Lord, we lave Wait edfor him. All which are an excellent cloud offaithfull witneffes, fliewing plainly, that the duty isrequired of God , and that the performance of it is acceptable in his tight. The ñrit The reafons hereofare plain. Firft, all afflic4ions come I eaiou. by Gods difpofing and ruling providence : as If 45.7. 1 createpeaceand evil/. Amos 3. 6. Is thereevil' in the City, and theLordhathdone it ? and the removingof them is his doing alfo : for he doth hea!e and bindup, as well as teare and fmite, Hof 6. 2. Ter. 33.6. Therefore it is wifedome to go tohim that fmiteth,.and to waitupon him for help. Secondly,