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VerLI4. A, ,Exp fitiof ofthe 27. Pfaltne. 139 vid,ftirres uphimfelf, and others in the timeofaflmidion : namely, they muft not füffer themfelves tobe daunted, dif- mayed, or faint -hearted, but ftirreup themfelves,encourage their hearts, andkeep fait the confidenceof their hope,even in the depthof diftreífe : this is the meaning. Mark then , The third Godschildren mull not ftf}er themfelves to be difmaid, or Obervatiota.. daunted in time ofafi3ic`tion, but cheer up their hearts, and encourage themfelves in theLord their God. See Pfal. 3r. 24. Be ofgoodcourage, If. 3 S. 3. flrengthen the weak,hands, andconfirme thefeeble knees, i Pet. 3.4. not being difmaid with any terrour : even asDavid did, when his own men wouldhave ffoned him, he encouraged himfelfin the Lord his God. i Sam. 3c. 6. and this is the meanir g of the A- pof}les charge. i Cor. 16. 3 . Standfall. in thefaith, quit yost like men, be (strong. The reafons hereof are plait?-, and of great impor- tance. Fi.rft, tobe fearful) and faint-hearted inaffl idion comes, The firft either from the want, or at leaft from the weaknefhe of Reafon. grace, even ofthat molt excellent and needfull grace of faith : as Solomon faith, Ifthou befaint in the day ofadver- tty, thy flrength isfmall, Prov. 24. lc. even thy faith : as Chrift told his Difciples, in a great ,ftorme upon the Sea, tillatth. 8.26. why areyeefearfull, Oyee oflittlefaith ? Now there isgreat dangerherein, for hencecomes Apo.. ftacy in Religion, whenmenwithdraw themfelves,for fear of perfecution. In thofe the Lords foule takes no pleafüre : fuch drawing back is unto perdition, Heb. lc . 38, 39. and fuch fearful! ones are fet in the firft rankof thofe, that mutt becart into the burning lake. Rev. 21.8. Secondly,Gods childrenmuft do as much for Gods glo- The fecoiu3 ry, in a good caufe, as wicked men do tohis .difhonour: in Reafon, that which is evil) : now they encourage themfelves in an evill matter, Pfd. 64.5, and hearten one another todoe wickedly. If 41.6,7. Theyhelped every one his neighbour, and every one faid tohis brather,be ofgoodcourage. So the Carpenterencouraged the goldfmith,&c. about their idols. T 3 Say