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140 AnExpofitiMof the27. Pfalme. Verf.14. Say thou therefore with X,Phemiah, fhouldfuch aman as 1 fije? 1ltchem. 6. I I. Remember, that the fpirit ofglory, and of God,ísglorifyed,when wePhew courage in fuffering for a good caufe, I Pet. 4. 14. Yea and our weak brethe- ren aremuchheartened by our example : as Philip. r. 1 4. Many ofthe bretheren in the Lord,waxingconfident by my bonds,are muchmore bold to fpeak the word without fear: whereto old Eleazer had great refped in his fuf eringc, 2 t.Maccab. 6.18,24,25. The third Thirdly, courage is needfull under afllic`lions, in refpe-- Reafon, ofthe reward, which not ofour merit, but of Gods boun- ty, is no leflè then a Kingdome, even the Kingdome of hea-. ven, and the crownof life. See, 2 Their. I.4,5. Paul tells the Thef falonians, that through faith and patience in flitte- ring, they (hall becounted worthy the Kingdome of God: and 2 Tim. 2. 12. IfWeInffer, rre(hall alfarainWithhim. Rev. 2. I C. Be thou faithful/ unto the end, and Iwill give thee thecrown oflife. Nowwhat courage will men (hew for earthly Kingdomes ? and what will theynot endure toget them? And muchmore fhould we do fo for that Kingdom, which is undefiled,immortall,and fadeth not away,referved in heaven, I Pet.1.4. The fourth Fourthly, God is with them, that fuffer for well- doing, Reafon. and ifthey becouragious for his glory, he will firengthén their hearts, as it followeth in this verfe, Pfal. 91. 15. I will be withhim in trouble. Herewith he encouraged Paul at Corinth, Accls 8.9,1o. andDavidherewith did notably encourage himfelf, Pfal. I I 8.6. The Lord is on myfide, I Will notfear. See Rom. 8.31. IfCod bewith gas, rho can be ainfl us ? Thus the Angell encouraged Gideon. Judg. 6. 12. 1eremie encouragethhimfelf, ?er. 20. t I. God encou- ragethhis people, If. 3 5.4, and 41. i o. Thisferves for infrrL1 ion, and admonition. The ufe for For invcruecion, it fhewes what manner of perfons the 1an profeffors of true religionought tobe, for truth & firength ofgrace : namelv,not babes, or children, but men of nature and