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Verf. An Expofitionofthe 27. Pfalme. puts courage in his heart agaïnft anenemy : nowGods word is the fword ofthe fpirit, Eph.6. i 7. yea the fword ofGods mouth,Rev.2. i 6.nay (harper then any two edged fword, Heb. 4.12. Secondly, the works ofhis providence, wherein we have had experienceofhis goodneffe in former deliverances.Thus Davids heart was ftrengthened, to encounter with Goliah, by theexperience of Gods power and providence, inkilling the Lyon and theBeare. 1 Sam. 17,34,3 5,36,37. yea, the remembrance of Gods power, and mercy unto others, in like cafe, puts life and courage into the hearts ofGod chip. dren in diiireffe. Pfal.22.4i5. Our Fathers truffedin thee, and thou didfl deliver them. They cryed unto thee, and were delivered. Here thoumail} fay, as Elifha did, at the waters of 'ordan, Where is the God ofElijah ? 2 Kings 2. 14. Thirdly, the companyof the godlyputs courage into the diítreffed, Ads 28. 15. WhenPaulfaw the bretheren, in his dangerous voyage,he thankedGod,andtookcourage,Prov. 2.7.9,17. Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart,fo cloth the fweetneffeof a mans friend, by harty counfell Iron /harpe- neth iron : fo aman fharpeneth the countenanceofhisfriend. Fourthly and laftly,prayer to God,as well by our felves, as byothers in our behalf. Thus the Apoftles fought courage and boldneffe, when theywere threatned by the rulers of the jewes, AUs 4. 24,29. and Paul, for this end, intreated the Ephefians to pray for him, Eph. 6.19. Gods inward way of ,ftrengthening the heart isby the workofhis fpirit : for that is the comforter, yohn 14. 16, 17. and thefpirit oflfrength, ¡f i i. 2. of power,and ofa foundmind, 2 Tim. 1.7. By the affurance ofthe abodeofthis fpirit among them, theLord encouragethZeroba6ell, ?ehofbuah, and the peo- ple, Hag. 2.4, 5. Now thefe being force of Gods fpeeiall wayes, whereby he ftrengtheneth the hearts ofhis children, we muffirre up our felves towait forhis work of mercy for the ftreng- theningdourheartswhen terrourand fears take hold up- on us. V 2 Second-