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12 'i4/ ,i xpofitiof ofthe 84. Pfitlme. Verf. every member thereof, as If 4. S, 6. upon all theglory fhall be a defence, &c. Pfal. 27 5 . Thon wilt hide me it thy Tabernacle. In all thefe, and manyother, he both manifeffed his prefence amonghis people, and alfo his readineffe todoe them goodby communicating fpirituall bleffings among them.Ifany fay,thefe things proved his prefence amongft the /ewes, but what are they to us.? I anfwer, much. Theywere types and ihadowesof good things, tocome; but the body is Chrift;Col. '2.17. who is come by a more perfedfi Tabernacle, Heb. 9. i 1. andhimwe have among us in the word of the Gofpe 1, fully performing alt that was prefigured in legali Ceremonies. Luefl. Are our Churches and Chappels anfwerable to theLewes Tabernacle and Temple for prerogative of Gods prefence ? Anfw. No .difference ofplace in refpea of holineffe for Gods fervice is taken awayby Chrift in thenew Te- &lament, Iohn4..21.23 . LTim. 2...8. But the Congre- gationsof Gods people, affembled for holy worfhip ac- cordingtoGods ordinance,haveChrist prefent, as Mat. 18.zc. They areGods houle, Heb. 3.16. and Gods tem- ple, t 'Pet. 2. 5. Ephef. 2. a i. This .ferv.es for inftruaion , admonition and com- fort. yfe For inftruaion two wayes : Firit, how to judge rightlyof differenceofplace in refpe&ofholineffe,name- ly,if it beGods habitation aari dwelling óplace. ths Iexves more theTemple,theTabe people holy then others under the law. Papifts fay confecrated 'places for:holy worship be more holy then other places, Kellar. de.cultu Sanfl. lib. 3. cap. 4. But the truth is,our Churches and Chappell, are as the /ewes Synagogues , whereof, Pfal.74. 8. Ofwhich wemay fay, asMat.23. 16, t7. woe untoyou.blindguäde , &c. oras, Bernard. - Habentfan titatem, fed:prvpter.corpora vefira, &e,Chur- ches areholybecaufe ofyourbodies, 'your bodies becaufe