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lo .41$ Expofitionofthe 27. Palme. Vert. z. Verf. 2. When thewicked, evenmine enemies, and my foes, came upon me , to eat rip myflefh , theyRumbled zndfeJi. ll The meaning Ere David gives inftance,from his own experience, of of the words. l 1Gods powerful! prefervationof him in extreme dan- ger : which no doubt he propounds , as the ground of that great confidence profeffed in the former Verfe : as in like cafe, he encouraged himfelf to encounter in fight with, great Goliah, becaufe Godhad formerly ftrengthened him again a Lion and a Bear, 1 Sam 17. 33 , 34, 35. In the inftance here made, wehave three things tonote. Fir,{t, theRate and conditionof Davids enemies, they are wickedmen. Secondly, their purpofe and attempt againa David, they cameupon him to eat up his flejh ; that is, utter- ly to deitroy him , as the roaring lion devoureth a little fheep. Thirdly, the iff ie and fuccefíe of their attempt; they ftumblcdandfell. The fir(t Ob= For the firft note. Davids enemies and foes are wicked Çervation. men, Pfal. 3.7. Thou haftfmitten all mine enemies on the cheekbone , thou haft broken the teeth of the ungodly. 'Pf. 5. g,9. David praying for fafety,becaufe ofhis enemies,faith, There is nofaithfulneff e in their mouthes, their inWardparts are very wickedneffe, &c. ï fai. 6.8. Hee cals his enemies workers of iniquitie. Pfal. i 7.9. The wicked that oppreffe him are his enemies : andVerfe 3. Deliver myfoul from theWicked. The Reafon. The reafon whereof , is the enmitie put byGod himfelf, between the feedofthe ferpent and the feedoftie woman, Gen.,3. 15. which. Davidfound, Pfal. 3g. 19, 2C. They that render evillforgoodaremineadverfaries, becaufe Ifol- loW the thing that good U. : and our Saviour Chrift, 1eh.7.7. Theworld hatethme, becaufe I teftifieofit , that the deeds thereofare evill. Who alfo fore-told his Difcipleshereof, 7oh 15. I 5. IfyeWere of the world, theWorld Wouldlove it own : ¿nt , becaufeye arenot of theworld, but have chore's