Pierson - BS1429 P53 1647

At: Expofition of the 27. Pfalene. Verfg: and teffifie the fame by confcionable obedience, thefe have this prerogative, that the true God, is their helper : which, to be a great blaring, is plainly affirmed , with very fignifi- cant illufiration. Pfal. 146.3, 4, 5 for Princes are potent earthly hèlpersrbut vain is their helpwithout the Lord: for their breath is in their noftrils, but the tgod of 7acob is the livingGod, who dothneither (lumber nor feep , Pf. 1,2,3,&c. and fo is thebeRhelper, aswe may fee at large, Pfal. 91. thoroughout, efpecially , verf. 9. 14, r 5. whence he is by wayofexcellence, Riled thedeliverer, Rom.' 1.26. becaufe, as Nebuchadnezzar Paid , none can deliver as hee doth, Dan. 3.28, 29. which is plain alfo by Danielsdeli- very from the Lions den, Dan.6. which made Paul to fay, though webe campafledabout on everyfide,yet weare not in a firait, &c. 2 Cor. 4. 8. for the way of help is never (hut to the prayer offaith, Pfal. 57. 15. Nay, mans extremity is Gods opportunity ; and therefore hath c od leffened outwardmeans, for the plainer evidence ofhis own power, yudg. 7.4. For admonition , it ferves twowayes. Firft , to labour diligently, to get into our felves thegrounds of this prero- gative, in having the true God for our helper, as David had. The way hereto we may fee inDavid : Firft, get tru- lyand rightly into covenant with God , and ref not in the outward titleof profeffion,having onelsr theoutward foals thereof:for fo far went the fooliíh Virgins, Matth.25.2,3 and yudas,and Simon Magus:but as Paul faidofthe Jews, Rom. z. 28, 29. their outward circumcifion did not make them fuch, no more doth our outward baptifine , as 1 Pet. 3. 21. Therefore wemuff get the ingrafting grace of true faith, whichpurifies theheart, AR: 15.7. wherein ftands true inwardbaptifine : for where God etabli(heth theco- venant ofgrace, he writes the law in the inward parts, Heb. 8. lc, i z. Then profeffing this &ate, of being in covenant with God, get the inwardfaving graces of love and fear, and from thembring forththe fruits ofnew obe- dience, as Daviddid, and this prerogative ofhavingGod for The firft ufefor admo- nition.