Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

_ all unrighteou /neffe and ungodline f . quicken his lufls, that fo he may have more pleafüre and delight in it. Let thofe that are guilty confider this Circumflance. Fourthly, finning againft Vowes and Covenants made with G o D, aggravates finne ; for G o D hath Maid He will require our Vowes,if a man have cove- named, G o D will either have the thing done, or elfe He will Purely punifh the party for breaking it, it is a thing He will not omit. Now befìdes particular Vowes and Covenants, confider the generali Vowes we entred into at Baptifine, befides thole which wee have renewed at the Sacrament of the L o R D'S Sup- per : Gal. 5.3. When a man is once Circumc f d, hee is bound to keepe the whole Law : So he that receives this Sacrament,binds himfelfe in a folemne bond to keep the whole Law : now it is ufuall, that after men have received the Sacrament, we fee no alteration in their carriage; ifthey weregiven to fwearing before,they fweare fill j if they were given to ill company, to vaine and idle courfes, they continue the fame fill, and thinke the fin the fame; but they are deceived in that,for fin after Covenant is greater than it was be- fore. Ezek. i 6.3 2. Sin is there aggravated from this reafon, faith the Prophet, Thou haft beene an harlotAs a wife the commits adultery, that taketh ffrangers in head of her hruband. As if he had faid, Thou art mar- ried to mce in holineffe and righteoufneff'e, and fo thou playef: the harlot as a wife, and that makes the fin out ofineafure finfuil. And it is true of particular vowes, that you may judge aright of fin, and know the greatneffè of it. 1 Laílly, finne is aggravated from the meanes you have 9t SER. I V. 4. When it is doge againft Vowes and Covenants. Galath.5.3. Ezek. t6.3 z.