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9z f That the Nature of man is full of s ~j V. have to re ft fin, confider how many meanes we en- _ joy, and yet profit not by them. The mercies of 6. When it is G o D fhould draw us to Him, G o n expeas a re- done against mach !manes, turne of that fruit at our hands ; and yet (as the Pro - Ier.s, sa. phetcomplaines, ler,s.iz.) You have notfaid inyour hearts, Let us feare that G o D who gives us the ftrfl and latter raine, and keeper for us the appointed times of harvest. As if hce had faid, G o D expets this at your hands,He gives the firít and latter raine for this end, that you may remember Him, and thinke of Him, and when we fay not in our hearts,Letus feare that G o D that doth this and that for us, God takes it amifi'e, for His bountifulnefí'e fhould lead us to re- pentance ; and therefore the defpifing of it muff ag- gravate fin. So after Corrections (as no man can fay he bath had no correcfon) a fin is much aggravated. Icr.s.I; Therefore, Prem. 5. 3 it is complained of, .1 have flrucken you,and you have not farrowed; i have wounded you, but you have refufed to receive correllion. As if he had Paid, This is it G o D takes exceeding ill at your hands, and it fhewes that your rebellion is come to a great height ;He hath fmitten you, and you have not forrowed, that is,you have not taken the fin to heart, that bath caufed this fmiting.Therefore He is angry, Hof.4.14. as lof 4. 14. I will vi [it your daughters no more, &c. beau f they have not profited by what I have done alrea- die : that is the meaning of the place. But chiefly, and of all the rest of His mercies, He will not beare the contempt of His Word. I will name but one z chro.36. i 5. place, 2 Chron..3 6.151. faith the Prophet there, I rofe early and feent my me ff engers, but how did you carryyour fel fe towards them ? You mocked my me f fengers,and de- S6Í