Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

all unrighteou/ne f fe and ungodline. ii fedmy Word, till my wrath ro fe againi yea, and there v,e; no remedie. As if he had faid, When a man once comes to this, that when G o D (hall once fpeake in His Word,fhall declare His truth,Thallmake known fin, and call him home by the Gofpell, but hee (hall neglel it, take no good by ir, not fuffer it to worke on him: blow there is no remedie. W hat then e The wrath of G o D rifes againft him, and then comes deflruLion, fo that it rifes not the fecond time; fo that as G o D hath (hewed you more mercy, fo are your fins more. Doe but think what an unreafönable unequal! thing it is, that you fhould take fo many mercies, health and wealth, from His immediate hand, and yet never fo much as thinke of Him,never worfhip Him, nor ferre Him, nor take His mercies to heart: How many tafle of His goodne(l'e,and yet continue to defpife Him,and not to bring forth fruit by His Word:' which is no fmall thing. And fo much (hall ferve for the aggravations of finne. Now wee will come to take away the Enures. And firft, every man is ready to fay, Though I (bile in many things, yet I hope my meaning is good, I have as good an heart as another man,though I make not fuck a Thew. But I will aske thee this briefe queftion. Whence come thy evill words e &c. are they not fruits and buds that proceed from a fap within:' When fparkes fly out ofthe Chimney top, flail we not fay,there is a fire in the houle e If wee fee evil word`li. ons, (hall we not fay, the corruption is greater in the roor,than in the branches e Thout 93 SER. I V. :. To *quicken our dares af- ter Chrift,take away the Ex- cules of finite. I . Excu fe. Good mea. nings. ,ei.