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94 SEEL, IV. 2. Exeu fe. Badnefr'e of WW1 e. ANfw. Aggravates finne. Match, t f. t 9; B That the Nature of man it full of Thou wilt excufe it, It is my nature, and I hope I (hall be excufed,and that God will not deale fo hard- ly with me, He knowes I am flefh and bloud,and the ftrength of my nature. Well, I will adde fomething to that I have for- merly Paid, it being a point hard for us to beleeve, and to make ufe of. I fay, the badneffe of thy nature is fo farre from excufing thy fin, that it exceedingly aggravates it. I have (hewed many reafons, 2nd will now adde there foure, and then it will be evident to you. Firft, whereas you thinke your finite is excufable, besaufe of your natures, you me know it is molt ftrong,and violent,and furring there ; for I will aske you, whence come your fins r It is anfwered,Matth. I 5. a 9. Out of the heart comes Adulteries, Fornicatians, &c. And if out of the heart, is it not thence as from the caufe,the Principle e Are they not minted there And is not every thing firongeft in tht. Caufe e If the Dough be fowre, how fowre was the Leaven e If fo much ill be in the fruit, there is much more in the Parents of that fruit. Secondly, as it is ftrong in the heart, fo it is much more abundant there, that phrafe expreffes it fuffici- ently, Out of the abundance ofthe heart the mouth f ea- keth : As it our Saviour had faid,There is fome evill in the tongue,but it isaboundant in the heart: fo that, i f take any nfull action, it is a difh of water taken out of the Sea, or like a drop taken out of the fountain, 1 for there is an abundance,a fea of corruption within. I Thirdly, confider that fin in the heart is a fpring, I and therefore an aìual fin,that is exceeding hainous, is