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96 SER. V. z Chro.; z; i. sz. The times are times of the Gofpell, not of the Law ohjec7. cí1nfw ;vtattl.s.zo. That the Nature of man is full of fuch fais that he may fee what is within ; as it was with Hezekiah, 2 Chro. 32.31. For this caute G O D left him to try him,that He might know all that was in his heart,that it might be difcovered to Him what an heart he had. The Apoftle fpeaketh, Rom.9.22, 23. (a place very confiderable, for it may helpe to humble us) of veffels preparedfer honour, and of vef- fels prepared for wrath, and defirutlion : the velîels be of two forts; thole for honour, they have a fafhion peculiar to them -which when you fee,you may fay, this is made for fuch a purpofe, and in other veffels you fhall fee another fafhion, and may fay, This is nota veffell of honour, but ofdifhonour..So looke on thy heart, fee how it is framed, and when thou feeft the fafhion of it thou rnayeft fay, for ought I fee, my heart is framed, and fathioned to deftru- dion. This ufe wee íhould make of our nature, it (hould be fo farre from excefing finne, that it (hould aggravate it. The third excufe is ; But wee live in times of the Gofpell, and G o D is full of mercy, and will not deale with us now, as He did with them in the time of the Law. Will you make G o D ailluftice I anfwer, and thew that there is a great deceit in this, our of that place,Matth. 5.2 o.Except your rigb. teoufnef exceed the righteoufneffe of the Scribes and Pbarifees, you cannot enter into the kingdom of G o D. This is fpoken to them that were under the Gofpell, for He faith, I fay unto you, &c. The meaning is this, The Pharifees did many things, they kept the Law in a great meafure,and thought to be faxed by it;. but except