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all unrí l teou/nefie and ungodline . fo Hit ,F ' folly periwvaded chat thine owne righ- teoufr..e 0 °5%6 ient, and having a favingand firme kaowled ge; That mans nature is full o f all unrighteou f n r ê a+sd o 1 g oe i l m e (e : C H It I S T cannot deny thee, he will receive thee to mLrcy. We wilt now bt iefly come to the next point, and that is this : There sa a revelation of wrath again f# all unrighteouf- neffe ofmen. And that is another thing that will humble us,for there muff be two things to doe it; one is to fee our fins, to know that there is no worth, no excellencie, no worthinefle at all in us : And the fecond is, to have an apprehenfion of wrath due for a fin, and fo his mifery under the fame.Though a man be never fo miferable, yet If bee have a bottome to Bandon, bee will not goe to C H it t s r ; but when bee fees his owne nothingnef e, and withal', that the wrath of G o D hangs over him,f o that he muff linke utterly, and that there is no way to helpe him when both there concurre, a man is humbled. Men may have one without the other: As the Scribes and Pharifees (o yee Generation of Vipers, who bath warned you tope rem the wrath to come ?) they were fenfible ofwrath, and had fo much to humble them, but they did not fee that viperous ferpentine evils difpofition that was in them felves. Againe, many men may fee their finnes, and ac- knowledge the infufficiencie of all they have, but they are not fenfible of wrath, G o D bath not char- ged finne upon their confciences, nor revealed His wrath; and therefore they goe on in a fenfelefl'e man. H4 ner, 103 SER.I. Dtl.3. There is a R velation of wrath again$; all unrighte oufneífe of men.