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104 I SOL- IV. Twothings to be obfetved. s:The cereal tie of this Ovrath. Prgofes'of it. r. 2 3 There is a Revedation of Vrath ner, and are no more mooved with thee other than ftockes and ftoncs. Now the fcope of all this being to .bring. us at CHI! s T.: I. wilijunne over a few things, which may from hence be obferved. I fay, There is a roves lation of wrath from heaven againfi all_unrigbteoufineee. Wherein marke two things. Fiirft, the certainty of this wrath, It fhallcome on all that are unrighteous : And fecondly, what this wrath is; I will but briefly name the heads, and dif- patch the. point. Brit, I fay, there is a certaintie in =ir, for G o D hath revealed it from heaven, Rom. s, t 5. They had Thoughts accufing and excufing them S the light of Nature told them that they deferved wrath, Judge- ment ftrucke them with feare. Secondly, it appearesby.experience,there be ma- ny Reps, many prints and vefligta of the wrath of G o D in the world continually. Laftly, by the Scriptures, curled be every one that continues Not is the whole Law to doe it... And as the Law, fo the Gofpell reveales ir, ,C H a. I s r flail come to judge, the feerm of mens hearts according to my Gof ed. Nay, it is an old Truth delivered before the Scriptures, As in ludes Epiítle,Enach preached, Be. bold,the LORD f hall come with ten thoufands of In.. gels, &c. And if this will not perfwadc, we will rea- fon.with you a little, for it is not needleffe to ftreng then theft common truths with reafon, becaufe wee are not convinced of them enough, which is the caufe men livewithout G o n in the world. Therefore:conhider,it there be a G o ?), it is not a