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In SER. V. light in the mindes of men, which is hut as a Starre in a darke night, which doth not take away the dark - nelle ; but if it be a fandifying light, it is like the light of the Sunne, not Chut within a narrow com- pile, but fpreading it felfe into all the parts of the foule : Or as if a candle be brought into a roonne, it lightens all the houfe, but Wit be a fparke of fire, it fliewes it felte,and glowes,and does no more, it doth not enlighten the houfe. It is fò in carnali men before Regeneration,all the light they have doth but glow in their breft,fhewing it Celle there, and making it evident that they have fuch knowledge, but it is not a candle that enlightens all the roome, that enlightens all the corners of the,.. foule. Therefore in Mat.6. aa. C u it r s r fpeaksof 4 Jingle eye ;when the eye is righr,it makes the whole body full of light, that is, when the knowledge is right indeed,when the knowledge a man hath is fan - Etifying, and powerful!, then it enlightens a man round about, that he niay fee which way to goe, but if it be a common light, which he termes a double eye; it will not fufficiently dire. Like thole holy Phil. 7..I5. men that the Apoftle fpeakes of, Philip.2.15. That thine as lights in the world, that is, men fee them,they lookc on them, but they doe not change their dark- neffe into light; or like that light fpoken of by Saint 2. Pet. c. q. Peter, 2 Pet, r . g. that ihineth in a darke place. efl. It you will know what is the reafon that there Why men fhould be a light in the confcience, and the miede of prison the a man, which nevertheleffe worketh not on the will truth. and affections, but is Phut up there. An fw, I anfwer,thue is a double realm': The firft is that 1 fpoken The belt men before legeneration .