Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

is made manifeji by God. all by the roots : So when we M inifters have fowed the feed, and it begins to grow, a little to put forth, when ill company come in they Ipoile all,they marre all, they pull up all by the roots, fo that we have loft our labour, it is indeed fo effeduall to keepe downe the Seed, and to make us jptprifon the Truth. Againe, cuftome in fin, 'giving your (elves liber- ty in any fin, that keepes downe the Truth, andpo thing more. Therefore, of all other things .you muff know,nothing fuppreflès that truth,that know- ledge, thole beginnings of Grace,thofe good moti- ons in us fo much as aâuall finne, becaufe it is quite contrary to it : Fire is not quenched fo much with any thing as with water, being quite contrary there- to ; and light is not hid fo much in any thing as in darken( f e. Take heed then that you be not led away with the deceitfulneffe of finne ; you may think you (hall he able to leave this fin afterwards, but it is not in your power to doe fo, for finne takes away the fenfe, and a great finne weakens the faculty that íhold refit, it puts out the Truth, becaufe it is fo direly contrary unto it. And herein you muff obferve a notable difference betweene men that live godly, and others; the god ly when they fall into fin, it is f o farre from putting out this Truth, that it helpes it forward, for their fats doe but difcover filch fins, and fo itcaufes them to ícarch themfelves,by which meaner they find out that to be in them,which they never knew of before, it may be it is Covets ufncffe,or it may be Envy,one thing or other is difcovered, and when it is.dif- covered, there is a winnowing of themfelves, they fee 189 SEg.VII[. 2