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---------.- iz8 SE R. V. Yrer. To humble us. Roen. z g. The beft men before Ite «eneration niíhment, their fleepe is fuch a calme, as will end in a tempeft, and fuch a tempeft as null never be blowne over. Therefore, let no man bleat hirnfelfe in this, I feele none of thee things,for thou haft the greateft judgement on thee, when thou feeleft it lull. And fo much for the three things I propounded to you, what this Truth is, how it is with - holden, and the greatnefl'e of the finne: now wee will come to make ufe of it. And the firli ufe we are to make ofit is that which is the maine (cope of the Apoftle here, and that for which wee pitched on theee words, and that is to humble us, to learn to know our ft ives, to know in what condition we are, for the Truth is revealed to us, but we with-hold it in únrighteoufneffe. This Truth that fhould rule in the hearts of men, that fhould be as the fupreme governour in the'foule, of which it may be faid,as it is faid of the Peace of God, Let it rule in your foules, that whereby men fhould be adted,is by meniwprtfoned.Therefòre,Rorn.2.9. the Apoffle denou,Iceth, Tribulation and anguifh upon every one that difabeyes the truth : Intimating that Truth is our King, that fliould governe and rule in our hearts; now when men dilobey it, nay, goe fur- ther, ímpri br this Truth,ir is as when men imp. ifon their lawfull Kitig,or fervants their Mafter,and they runne riot,and at liberty in the meine time. And this is our cafe; we doe with it,as children doe with their Mafters, we defire to be rid of ir, becaufe it watches over us, and fo we grow enemies to it. And this is no finali finne,,for it we confider whence this comes, who puts it into our hearts, it will appeare hainous; by