Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

againfl all unrighteoufnef of men. 153 was thus farre revealed to him, forotherwifewhy SER. VI. (hould he goe away forrowf'ull e If hee had not be- keyed him to be the Meriah, he needed n 3r to have forrowed, but in that furrow was left in his heart, it manifefted what his minds was fet upon. Is it thus with thee e Learne hence to humble your felv es, to judge aright of your fines, and of your Condi- tion by them. And if all this will not perfwade you, take this one inftance which I will give you Take a view of thy felfe as thou art affected at fore apprehenfion of death, in force dangerous ficknes, in force good mood,after force quickning of the Spirit in thee, af- ter force great trouble into which thou art raft, and fee what thou wilt do in fuch a cafe: See what liber- ty this truth bath at fuch a time, how ready thou art to obey it in all things, how readywill the Truth be to informe thee, there and there things thou oughteft not to doe, and thou haft negleóîed there and there duties; how imminent this Truth iso dic`late to C thee what thou oughteft to doe. onfider againe what thy behaviour is in time of health and ftrength, in time of peace, when thou liveft in abundance of all things. See how farre fhortthou art of perfor- ming what in thofe times thou wouldeft doe, and in the fame meafure thou with-holdeft the Truth ixun- righteou fneffe; in fuch meafure thou imprifoneft ir, for that declares what light is in thee. Take a Purvey one or two dayes, goe through the actions that paffe by -thee in the làme, fee what evill thou haft done, and what good thou haft omitted,and fay thus,Might not I have forborne-this evill,