Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

151 There is a revelation of wrath J SEX. j evil], if I would have fet my'feife to doe it e Might. not I have performed this duty, if i would have gone about it a and let this humble thee. For thi, caufe I have chofen this Text,that you might be dri ven out of your felves; and why should you bee bAck ward in it king it is the frfl fiep to,falvation j And fo much (hall ferve for this third ufe. Vie 4. Fourthly,, if this be they"caie and miferable cpndi. Confider the Lion wherein ever y m f before Regeneration, to danger of dil obeying the with-hold the Pr' 1 fighte9aJneJ'e .. Then take Truth, heed of putting 4y fe fe into that :condition, confi- der the danger of difobeying this truth,of offending ir, of doing any thing contrary to it, of rehraining and curbing it; for it is of that nature, that if thou oflendefh ir, it will offend thee. It is a Truth that God bath fet in thy heart, andappointeditto rule there ; if thou oppose it, and let up ufurpers,he will doe as Pehoiada did,, that let up the right King, bee will even let up thisTruth at the day of Death to accule three, and to raigne over thee as a Tyrant. It fits in thy Confcience,it markes what is doneamiflé, and will be afl'urediy revenged, for every rebellion; and offence committed againfl ir, as it is raid of truth in general], col eft verit,ar & pr,evalet, if thou be for the Truth, it will be for thee, and if thou be againft it, it will bee again]} thee, and it bath G o D on its fide, it is attended with the wrath of the AL mighty, who will bee ready to execute upon thee whatfoever this Truth (hall alleage againfl thee, though hee doth it not prefently, yet all the while thou art in the way to damnation, as it was with zu 1 dad and vlchitophel. Therefore bee fure to keepe this 1