Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

againft ail urzrighteouPiffle o f men. 155 this Truth well, that thou offend it not; as thou ar tender over thy weake flomacke, to give what con- tents ir, to avoid what may offend it, and then it !hall be as a conrinuall feafl to thee, otherwife ir !hall be as a ficke flomacke to thee, that doe what thou wilr, yea whether walking or fasting fill, it will trouble thee : So this Truth thou wilt not be able to deceive, i it will fee what is amiffe, .,whether thou wiltoor no: 2 Cot'. 4. 2. faith the ApoßJ, tre commend our /elves to every mans Confèience in the l` t *f God, by mani fe- ßationoftheTruth: That is; the Confciencewithin will fee thee thorow; do Atat thou canf},there will bean agreement between it, and the truth that is pre. Tented to it, it cannot but ob ve all the obliquities of thy life, all thy errours, thou can/ not deceive it, nor longfhake it of. But, it may be obje&ed, May nett man obferve this Truth too much, may he not be too fcrupulous, too cärefull in regarding it:' I anfwer, the Confcience may miflake, and give that charge that it ought not ; but as we fly òf Thi. files, they are a bad weed, but it is a Ggne of a good ground where they grow; fo though fcrupuloufneffe be not good, yet it is a figne ofa good heart where it is.ifa man be to go thorow a narrow:paflage,or over a narrow bridge,ic is good to go in the midi; to it is good not to be too fcrupulous, and yet not to give it offence, for if thou doll with-hold it, imprifon ir, or ref raine ir, thou (halt fade it will be revenged on thee, for his attended with the wrath of God. Fifthly, if this be-the mifcrable condition of all unregenerate men, thus ro wit h. hold the Truth in un- right een¡nefe SER. VI obj ect. May nor a man be too lcrupu.- lout. Anfty. Y/e 5 . Give the truth leave to rule.