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156 SER.V1. t The danger of refraining lt. There is a Zevelation of wrath righreoufneffe. As there havebeene words of Humi- liation and rcproofe, fo let me Phut up with a word of exhortation. Be exhorted therefore from hence to give this Truth leave to rule and governe in thy heart, and life; doe not make a bancke again(' it, or an hedge about it, reftraine it not, fetter it nor, but fufher it to walke freely in every part of thy conver_ fation, to redifie acid reforme every faculty, fpeech, and action, for fo it ought to doe; and, as I faidbe- fore, thou fha4 ftndelra dangerous thing to re- amine it. Among men, he that imprifons one whom he fhould nor, runs into a Pramunire, and forfeits all he hath. Commonly -we faile both thefe wayes, we give Lulls liberty, which fhould be reftrained ; and imprifon Truth, wlAich fhould be liberty, there- fore our judgemenfoliall be accordingly. For letting thy lufts goe at liberty; take heed left G o D fay to thee, as he did to císhab for letting King Benhadad goe, Thy life lhall be for his life : left on the other fide by imprifoning the Truth you forfeit all things, and G o D take advantage of your forfeiture. Since the fall of edldam, man doth turne all things uplde downe, according to that which is complained of thofe Prophets, They did flay thefoules of them that fhould live, andgave life to the foules that fhould die. So doe men,the Truth that fhould live they flay,and the lull that fhould die, they give life unto : But you know what Gods judgement was on them,Ezek. r 3. He would deflroy both the darvber and the wall of un- tempered morter. God requires at thy hands that thou give account of the Authority committed to thee,