Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

againfl all unrighteoufiteffi of men. thee,and take heede of abufing it. If the King fend a Privie CouncelIour, or a great man about him to reveaie his will, to exprei% his commandement in this or that particular,that fo men may know it,and bee free from the danger of the Law ; if a man, in fiead of obeying it,imprifon him,how will the King take it at his . hands a What then will God doe in this cafe a He bath put his Truth into the hearts of men, He hath fent Hisengers to thew His will, that this He will have done If thou imprifon this Truth,be affured, God will not hold thee guiltlelïe, therefore let it have liberty, let it rule and raigne in thy heart, let it doe what it will. This benefit thou (halt have, Thou fettefi it at li- berty, and it (hail fet thee atliberty, lohn 8. 32. If you continue in my words, &c. :be Truth fhall make you free. From what or what great benefit bath a man by this freedome e a benefit unfpeakable, thou hhalt be free from the feare of Death,from the hands of all thine Enemies, to ferve God in holine(fe and righteoufneffe, from the feare of Iudgement, from the feare of hell, from the guilt, and punifhment of fin,from the rule and tyranny of fìn; not this to be defired Againe, if thou fet this at liberty, if thou wilt praCtife and ufe it, thou (halt finde more benefit and fweetneílfe from it, than from the meere contempla- tion of it; we are deceived in thinking that the know- ledge of it is pleafant,but the prahice hard. Indeed, that that keeper the world from praáice, is, becaufe it is accompanied; with perfecution, whereas bare knowledge 157 SER. VI. z The bene &ti of letting it at, liberty. I